Holiday Buys to Treasure Forever

Holiday Buys to Treasure Forever

At Luxe 39 a founding principle is to buy items that you love and will keep forever. Rather than following changing fashions with the waste that involves, fill your house with objects and colours which really appeal to you, making your home unique, personal and future proofed.

I love to find unique and unusual items on holiday which are unavailable to buy at home. The beauty of the holiday purchase is that the item doesn't only give you joy in itself, it’s also embued with the memories of that place, the people you were with, the good times you had. 

My husband is baffled by the love I share with my 2 boys for trinket shopping on holiday.  He is right in his assertion that much is just 'the usual tat' but when you find something you love and haven't seen before, that's where the joy lies.

Here is a gallery of my recent holiday purchases. It's pretty eclectic and that’s another reason I love the holiday buy.

 Porcelain sardines from Lisbon

These little fellas were picked up in an Easter trip to Lisbon. We weren’t there in sardine season but found these porcelain sardines which now hang in a row, brightening the kitchen. 

Cafe Gilbert sign in the HQ of Luxe 39

I spotted one of these vintage signs in a shop in France and, being the Gilbert family, we all really wanted it. Using an online translation app I asked the woman in the shop if it was for sale (this was as challenging as a GCSE French spoken exam for someone with my total lack of language skills). She looked at me as though I was crazy and told me it was definitely not for sale (at least I think that’s what she said?!?). Anyway, I tracked this one down on eBay and gave it to my husband for Xmas, but it still feels like a holiday purchase.


My 2 boys developed a love of rocks, semi precious stones and crystals on another trip to France and were so chuffed when I bought this beautiful amethyst. I always remember how, as very young children, they carefully unwrapped it just to gaze at it before slowly wrapping it again, and I think of that whenever I look at it glimmering on the mantlepiece.

 Glass vase from Rome

This glass vase was bought in Rome on a holiday when I was pregnant with my 1st son. I remember many lovely things about that holiday, but probably best of all was the guilt free ice cream eating. That was the best bit of eating for 2!!

One trinket the boys bought in Lisbon made it into the Luxe 39 photo shoot and onto the website. 

 Luxe 39 cushions in a child’s room. Yellow velvet cushions, turquoise velvet cushions, emerald green velvet cushions and burnt orange velvet cushions

If you look very closely there’s a yellow Lisbon tram on the toy box in exactly the same beautiful shade as our yellow gold cushions.

We’re on another European road trip taking in Strassbourg, Innsbruck, the Oetz Valley in Austria and Reims, France. I wonder what wonders we will find there......

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