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How To Choose Cushions

Cushions make an amazing difference to a home, adding comfort and decoration to rooms and invigorating colour schemes. Choosing the correct cushion isn’t always easy, which is where we at Luxe 39 are here to help with some advice on finding the perfect cushion for you.


Firstly, the cushion shapes you choose depends on which piece of furniture you would like them to sit on.

For sofas with solid backs, large square or rectangular cushions can give additional comfort while also adding colour and interest to this large piece of furniture. 

Solid back sofa with mixed cushions

If you're choosing cushions for a scatter back sofa, (a sofa in which the back is made up of several different cushions stacked together as a back support) then a good option can be smaller rectangular cushions for the side of the arm or along the back of the sofa. 

If you're buying for a chair, our small cushions usually fit best as the last thing you need is the cushion taking up all the room on the chair.

For beds, either square or rectangular cushions work really well and you can build up a beautiful and interesting colour palette using cushions of different colours and sizes.

Cushions in different colours and sizes


Cushions really can make all the difference when styling your home, adding the final 5% which brings a scheme together.

Many people opt for a relatively neutral colour choice in the ‘big ticket’ items in their homes such as sofas and beds. These items are expensive and need to stand the test of time and a neutral colour choice won’t go out of fashion. 

This is where colourful cushions come into their own, enabling you to introduce more daring colours into your home with none of the financial risk. They allow you to experiment with colours and work out which you really like to live with day in day out. 

If you’re looking to go for maximum impact, try accessorising your sofa, bed or armchair with contrasting coloured cushions in either complimentary or even clashing colours.

Or opt for a beautiful tonal contrast with cushions in two shades of the same colour, side by side. 

cushions in burnt orange and blush


Filling your home with your favourite colours is great for your mental health and is very achievable with velvet cushions.  Our double colour cushions allow everyone in your home to have a say in the colour choice and you can simply flip the cushion to update the colour scheme.

Further, if you have existing patterns in your room then pick out a couple of colours which you want to either match or contrast in your cushions. 

Similarly, if you have a piece of artwork you want to draw attention to, choose cushions which compliment the colours in your art.


velvet cushions to compliment artwork


Ideally, when choosing a fabric for cushions, you want something soft and comfortable that you can sink your head into after a long day. Velvet is a perfect choice for cushions, the softness and warmth brings the perfect amount of comfort and creates that ultimate snug spot for lounging around.

The velvet we use is 100% cotton pile which has a beautiful lustre, bouncing light around the room and making colours glow in all light conditions. Luxe 39 velvets do not fade in sunlight which is another big consideration for chairs and sofas which sit in windows.

fade resistance velvet cushions

Unlike many other cushion fabrics, the upholstery grade velvet in Luxe 39 cushions is very crease resistant and, with regular plumping and turning, your cushions will continue looking fabulous for years.

Importantly, when it comes to keeping your velvet cushion clean we have many tips in our blog article 'How do you clean velvet?'

Finally, at Luxe 39 we have an ever increasing choice of colours and sizes in our velvet cushion collections. If you need advice on your cushion selection then please get in contact at


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