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What are the top 5 Interior Design Blogs in the UK?

At Luxe 39 we have a bit of an interior design obsession, so I've put together a list of my Top 5 unmissable Interior Design Blogs in the UK today

1. Mad About The House 

The writing of Kate Watson-Smyth was one of my key inspirations when starting the Luxe 39 velvet cushion business.  An article she wrote in The Sunday Times in 2018 called 'Colouring Book - We should worry less and experiment more when choosing hues' was a great starting point for selecting the colours for the Luxe 39 collections and for giving me the confidence to play with colour matching in my products. Her blog continues to inspire and if you’re looking for answers regarding interior design and redesign this a great place to start. She also has a great range of books and runs a podcast called The Great Indoors co-presented by the next person on my list.

2. Sophie Robinson

Sophie starts her home page with the words 'The age of colour is upon us' which I guess sums up the reason why I love this blog so much. She's an award-winning blogger, TV presenter and designer with 20 years of experience and a quest to liberate us from all things beige or boring. She is an inspiring example, showing us the transformational power of colour and how to take control of our lives and use colour and style in a more meaningful way. What's not to like?

3. Little Big Bell

Geraldine Tan, or Little Big Bell, is an award winning design, interiors and lifestyle blogger based in London, England.  You only have to take a quick peek at her blog or instagram posts to see that Geraldine has a true passion for colour, design and decorating as well as curating and promoting new talents and trends in the world of design and decor. Her content is always amazingly original and she styles and photographs everything in incredible ways. She has recently decorated her colourful home with some fabulous wallpapers which has got me thinking about updating Luxe 39 HQ......

4. Dear Designer's Blog

I can not tell you how chuffed I was to see our Emerald Green Cushions pop up in this blog by Carol King which is a home of inspiring spaces and places. Started in 2009 as a place for Carole to collate and share things that inspire her, this ‘little library of loveliness’ has grown from a hobby to a full freelance career. If you’re sick of staring at the same dreary walls, take inspiration from the Interiors section (‘How to refresh your pandemic-tired home on a budget’ is a good place to start).

5. The Design Sheppard

Stacey Sheppard writes her top UK interior design blog from Dartmouth, rounding up the very best in interior home design today. She is an avid follower of the design world with an authentic passion for residential interior design in particular. Stacey covers all the details – ideas for the Bathroom, Bedroom, as well as Artwork, Appliances, Heating, Lighting and much more can be found under the blog’s Categories section – flock over to check it out.  

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