Launch day!!! Cocktail cushions launched just in time for Friday cocktail hour... now that's timing!

After months of idea development, sample cushion creation and website build the Luxe 39 website is up and running!! 

At Luxe 39 we have a simple mission: To make and sell luxury velvet cushions to your exact specifications, delivering bespoke products made with a commitment to quality and detail. We are dedicated to making cushions which don't cost the earth, using natural fabrics, natural cushion fillers and recyclable packaging all from UK sources. 

LUXE 39 = Luxury + Choice + Sustainability 

Choose from single colour 'Gemstone Cushions' or double colour reversible 'Cocktail Cushions'. Whatever your choice, all cushions are truly luxurious being double sided luxury cotton velvet. 

There are 3 simple steps to designing your perfect cushion:

1) Choose your velvet colours

2) Choose your cushion size and shape

3) Choose your zip colour

Your bespoke designer cushions will be custom made for you in our London HQ for delivery in 3 weeks.

Luxe 39 logo in front of double sided luxury velvet cushions from the 'Cocktail Cushion' range


Thank you for taking the time to find out about LUXE 39. If you have any questions then please contact us at 

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