POW!!! The Boys Are Back In Town

Pow wall transfer with a pile of luxury velvet cushions in double sided velvet, emerald green cushion, yellow cushion, burnt orange cushion, turquoise cushion and silver grey cushion
My 2 boys have been away for over a week, while I've been launching Luxe 39 and coming up to speed (?) on all things social media. I can not wait to see the little super heroes!!
While they've been away their tomato plants have been growing like crazy with ripe tomatoes ready for them to pick. I think I may be more excited about this than either of them, and when I say 'their' tomato plants clearly, after the first very brief burst of enthusiasm, I am the only one who waters them! (My 20 something self would be baffled at how much I am into gardening in my 40s).
Tomatoes ripening on the vine in the garden of Luxe 39
Our cushions are a great way to introduce the vibrant colours of the summer garden into your home. Our collection of bright velvet cushions look great in kids rooms, adding a pop of colour and texture. The contrasting colours in the double colour cocktail cushions, with both sides made of quality British velvet, give a cartoon strip impact in a child's room. The transformation of a simple white room into my youngest son's super hero bedroom is completed with the addition of wall transfers

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