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Sustainable Luxury is at the Heart of Luxe 39 Velvet Cushion Company

'Buy Well, Buy Once'

Helen Gilbert, founder of Luxe 39 holding a couple of her luxury velvet cushions

I started Luxe 39 to fill a gap in the cushion market, to make and sell Sustainable Luxury Velvet Cushions.

On first glance you may think that sustainable luxury is something of an oxymoron. That luxury relates to consumerism, excess, the antithesis of sustainability.

In fact, luxury and sustainability are very happy bed fellows. The definitions of luxury and sustainable products share many essential qualities and reveal that sustainability is actually part of the luxury DNA:

- Extraordinary creativity and design

- Created from exceptional materials

- Excellent quality

- An emphasis on durability. "Buy less, choose well, make it last" as Vivian Westwood says

Luxury is founded on respect for fine natural resources and craftsmanship that result in a rare and beautiful product. 

 Many Cushions on the Market Claiming to be 'Luxury' are in Reality:

- Mass produced overseas with all the questions that raises

- Made of inferior, often synthetic fabrics and frequently with only one side velvet.

- Finished with no attention to the finer details

- Begging the questions, will these 'luxury' cushions stand the test of time? And if they need replacing are they recyclable or degradable?

At Luxe 39 We Do Things Differently:

- You can lay back on your luxury velvet cushion and rest assured that no children were involved in its production (Just this 40 something Londoner and her sewing machine, accompanied by Fat Cat who is generally found sleeping in the London HQ) 

 Fat cat at Luxe 39 HQ on a grey velvet sofa in a sitting room with silver grey velvet cushions and yellow velvet cushions


- Our cushions have a pretty impressive carbon footprint.  The fabric is 100% cotton pile velvet, sourced from the last remaining velvet mill in England.  The cushion pads are made in England of 100% cotton, filled with duck feathers.

- We make our cushions to order to your exact specifications so there is no wasted stock for disposal

- All cushions travel to you wrapped in degradable plastic to keep them dry and dust free, inside an environmentally friendly, single skin cardboard box.

- Luxury is timeless & long lasting. We selected the Luxe 39 collection of colours because we love them and not because of the whims of fashion.  If you fill your house with colours you love then you will keep them for years. 

So, you were hopefully attracted to our cushions because you thought they were stunning and unique. Now you can rest assured that they are also sustainable, and with the quality of the fabric used in their construction, they actually improve with age (If only that were true of all things....)

If you want advice on how do you clean velvet cushions then we have a blog article dedicated to this topic.

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