What Makes the Perfect Personalised Present?

What Makes the Perfect Personalised Present?

What makes the perfect gift???? (other than a custom made luxury velvet cushion of course)

This is my solution which I fully intend to repeat again and again and again!! (Spoiler alert for any family and friends reading my blog!) 

All you need is a vintage scrabble board (which ebay is awash with) some gorilla glue (super glue would also work but the name doesn't amuse me) and a deep picture frame (this one is from Ikea).  You also need a bit of time as piecing together names, places and events is trickier than it looks.

This was my first attempt, made for my husband on our 13th wedding anniversary.  I ran out of 'R's and 'B's which happens when Ratcliffes marry Gilberts and get engaged at Blur concerts (which I appreciate does not apply to many people!). I have since realised that I can buy more letters on their own, or just pop back onto ebay and pick up another vintage scrabble board with its' full set of letters.

This gift now has pride of place in our kitchen.  I love the unusual mix of retro colours on a scrabble board and used them as a reference point for my choice of cushions in the room.



If you're off to a wedding this summer (and haven't got time to make a gift) then find out the colour theme of the wedding and buy them a custom made cushion in their wedding colours.  All of our cushions and covers are made to order and are delivered within 4 weeks.

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This is so amazing! I just ordered a vintage scrabble board and can’t wait to do this project! What size frame did you end up buying?? Thanks!

Maribeth Wallace

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